Thunapaha -

As Sri Lankans, all of us love to have tasty curry dishes. Our mothers are using so many spices. We are calling them Thunapaha. Some of these spices are so inherently unique you wouldn’t find them anywhere else in the world. Daily, we are tasting most of these Thunapaha. But do you know the benefits of those spices? So let’s get to know the benefits of each spices that we are using in Sri Lanka.

Find out the tastiest spices in Sri Lanka, Thunapaha which are used for making mouth-watering spicy Sri Lankan dishes every day. And know the benefits of each Thunapaha; Amu Thunapaha and Badapu Thunapaha. And stay tuned with us to have Sri Lankan food recipes.

Thunapaha – More

As mentioned above, we are using unroasted spices as well as roasted spice. Most of times, we are using unroasted spices for vegetable dishes. And we use roasted spices for making meat dishes. Actually roasted spices have more intense flavours than the unroasted spices. Let’s see what are most using spices in our country, Sri Lanka and what the benefits of them are.

  1. Coriander Seeds (koththamalli kudu) – When you will add coriander seeds into your dishes, you will gain many benefits for skin, hair and health. Some of them are;
  • Cure Skin Diseases.
  • Reduce Pimples.
  • Facilitate Hair Growth.
  • Aid Digestion.
  • Cure for Cold and Flu.
  • Prevent Menstrual Irregularities.
  1. Cumin Seeds (sooduru) – It can regulate digestion, cure piles, prevent diabetes, treats asthma & bronchitis and fight common cold.
  2. Fennel Seeds (Mahaduru) – It can;
  • Helps Regulate Blood Pressure.
  • Reduce Water Retention.
  • Fennel Tea for Constipation and Indigestion.
  • Helps Purify Blood.
  • Keeps Cancer Away.
  1. Cinnamon Sticks (kurudupothu) – It can;
  • High Source of Antioxidants.
  • Protects Heart Health.
  • Helps Fight Diabetes.
  • Helps Defend Against Cognitive Decline & Protects Brain Function.
  • May Help Lower Cancer Risk.
  1. Cardamom (Ensal/Karadamungu) – It can prevent colorectal cancer, protect heart health, prevent gastrointestinal diseases and give good dental care.
  2. Cloves (Karabuneti) – It contain important nutrients, is high in antioxidants, may protect against cancer and can kill off bacteria.
  3. Pepper (Gammiris) – It can reduce the weight, provides respiratory relief, has antibacterial quality and improves cognitive function.

However, when you’ll add these Thunapaha into your dishes, it’s often sprinkled at the end of cooking. And it gives a fragrant finish.