Sri Lankan Baby Names

Sri Lankan Baby Names

Sri Lankan Baby Names

Sri Lankan Baby Names


If you are pregnant, you may look for some baby names for your unborn baby. We know, most of Sri Lankan ladies like to put Sri Lankan Baby Names to their children. So, it means our mummies are concerning about the meaning of Sri Lankan Baby Names also. Actually, choosing a name is one of the first and sometimes trickiest decisions that parents make for their babies. Including the meaning of the name, there is a lot to consider; possible nicknames, easy to spell, what the kids around the baby will say and so on. So, finding the answers for those questions is up to the parents. That’s their responsibility. However, today we thought to share with you some Sri Lankan Baby Names with the Sinhala meaning. Before checking those names, let’s see some tips that you should follow to find a baby name.

Simple Tips for Finding the Sri Lankan Baby Names

  1. Usually, mummies are collecting names and deciding a name before her child birth. It’s good, but sometimes, your decision can change after seeing your child. Another beautiful name can be come into mind when you look into those beautiful eyes. So, it’s good if you don’t decide until you hold your baby in your arms.
  2. Before finalizing a name, you should talk with your husband about this matter.

3. The name that you’re going to select should be said out loud. Then you can conclude how does it sound, how      about when it’s said with a middle name or your last name? Does it rhyme? Because there are some names that can be confusing when said aloud.


4. Try to find a meaningful name. Certainly, that your baby’s name should induce happiness and pleasant   feelings. Not only that, but it should reflect qualities and traits that you hope your child will possess also. And keep in mind that it’s also very important that your child has a name with clear gender identification.

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