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Today, SMS is one of most popular as well as essential things among us. Even though majority of people are using this, there are some people don’t know the meaning of SMS still. The SMS means Short Message Service. However, today this SMS becomes one of most popular thing among young people. In Sri Lanka, Sinhala Love SMS is spreading among young crowd speedily. And they are saving these Sinhala Love SMS in their mobile phones also. Actually making relation is very simple but keeping it is very difficult. But due to have this type of SMS, now guys can keep the relationship in the positive way.

Such a popular SMS had an interesting history. Neil Papworth, an engineer working in the U.K. was the first person who sent the first SMS in 1992. And he sent this SMS by a computer and that text was “Merry Christmas” to one of his friend. Even he sent the first SMS  in 1992, the concept of SMS came in 1984. It was from a German guy called Friedhelm Hillebrand. That concept was to send a message which was amount to fewer than 160 characters and to send via a type writer.

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Man sent the world’s first SMS on 02 December 1992. Along that, the Finnish phone-maker Nokia debuts the first mobile phone introduced SMS facility to mobile phones in 1993. But there was a limitation of this invention. That was; people could sent this SMS between two people on the same network. Therefore,after having experiments, the Vodafone launched a share-price alert system for business people in 1994 by eliminating that obstacle. And the inventors introduced the “T9” system to the SMS technology, which predicts texting based on what letters you’re typing in 1995. But the most noteworthy and useful facility came in 1999.

That was the facility of sending SMS via various types of networks. As a result of the evolution of this technology, according to the records of 2000 year, it said that Americans began to send 35 texts per month. According to the 2002 year’s records, people have sent more than 250 billion SMS messages worldwide. And the statistical records at 2007 have showed that the number of texts sent in a month passed the number of monthly phone calls placed by Americans for the first time ever. “People send 200,000 text messages every minute. People send 6.1 trillion Texts worldwide over the entire year” said the International Telecommunications Union. Not only that, but according to 2011 records, there were 7.4 trillion SMS texts sent around the world. Finally this came as one of popular mode of communication.

However, today Sri Lankans are able to use this SMS facility in Sinhala language also. Among various SMS facilities in Sri Lanka, Sinhala Love SMS is popular among youth. And the best thing is that this Sinhala Love SMS and other SMS can be typed by using both Sinhala and English languages. So enjoy this amazing Sinhala Love SMS facility.

Sinhala Love SMS
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Sinhala Love SMS
Find the lovely Sinhala Love SMS which are popular among Sri Lankan youth and this can be typed in Sinhala and English both languages.
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