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As a pregnant lady, you may look for a perfect name for your unborn baby, nowadays. We know there are plenty of baby names in newspapers as well as in web sites. But as Sri Lankans, we love to put Sinhala Baby Names to babies, aren’t you? We will share baby names that range from the unique and most popular Sinhala Baby Names, to ones for your beautiful little girl, or ones with swagger for the little boy in your life, by our upcoming articles. Take some time to look through our articles to find a perfect name for your unborn baby. By this article, we’ll share with you some of popular and modern Sinhala Baby Names for both girls and boys.

Tips to find the perfect Sinhala Baby Names

  1. You should avoid choosing a name that rhymes with, or is too similar to, your surname.
  2. You must check your baby’s initials don’t spell out an unfortunate word. For example; Pathirannehelage Imashi Gayathri – The initials will be P.I.G. It can be spell out as pig also. So be careful about that also.
  3. When your child will grow up, you can’t stop your little one’s friends shortening his or her name. So, before you select a name, you should think about a short name also.
  4. Try to select a unique name. Many parents prefer not to choose a name that’s already in the top 10. So try to select a unique name.
  5. When you select a name for your unborn baby, you should imagine your baby as an adult with this name also. Sometimes, the names that may cute for a tiny baby. But it can ridiculous for a grown-up. Therefore, think about that one also.
  6. The name that you are going to select, should be loved by both of you. Remember, if your partner doesn’t love your favourite name, then don’t force it. Actually it will only cause resentment. So, try to find something you both like is even trickier.

Hope, that you will find the best and perfect Sinhala Baby Names for your babies while following above tips

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