How to Reduce the Menstrual Cramps

We know most of our girls/ladies are suffering from their menstrual cramps. Some are getting pain killers. But more than getting drugs, you should try to reduce your pain by using natural treatments. Then it will be good for your health also. There are many remedies that can help to reduce menstrual pain (from certain foods to various execrises).  Among them, we’ll tell you some important tips/remedies that you can practice and it will lead to reduce the menstrual cramps.

  1. Drinking more water

Do you know that drinking water helps to avoid painful bloating during menstruation? You can drink either warm or hot water. It increases blood flow to the skin and may relax cramped muscles. And also, you can eat water-based foods also like lettuce, celery, cucumber and watermelon. They are increasing your hydration.

  1. Take more calcium during your menstruation period

It is found that calcium can help to reduce the muscle cramping during menstruation. Dairy products, sesame seeds, almonds and leafy green vegetables are some foods which are high in calcium and it will lead to reduce the menstrual cramps.

  1. Include cinnamon to your meals

Most of us know that cinnamon is good to relieve the congestion of colds and allergies, and as a digestive aid. And it is found that cinnamon is good for menstrual cramps too.

  1. Have ginger

As ginger alleviates the symptoms of cold, the flu and the headache, it can alleviate menstrual pain also. So, add a small piece of ginger to hot water and drink. It will be a good menstrual cramp relief.

  1. Eat more foods during the menstruation

You may not feel to eat properly during your menstruation. But do you know that poor nutrition can lead to deficiencies? Therefore, you should stock up on foods oacked with essential vitamins and nutrients in ordr to reduce the menstrual cramps.

  1. Avoid from foods which cause bloating and water retention (during the menstruation) including fatty foods, alcohol and carbonated beverages.
  2. Apply heat to your abdomen and lower back

It will relieve pain as effectively as medicine. If you don’t have a hot water bottle or heating pad, you can have a warm bath or can use a hot towel.

  1. Yoga and walking are best exercises during your menstruation period. It acts as a natural painkiller and these exercises reduce the menstrual cramps.

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