If a pregnant lady is taking medicines…


During the pregnancy, all ladies should concern about the medicines that they are taking. The most important growth time of a baby is 3-13 weeks. So, if any pregnant lady is taking medicines during this time period, there is a possibility of impacting bad effects to her fertilized egg. If you are a lady who is taking some treatments since long time, it is better that you will meet your doctor and discuss about your expectations of pregnancy (before any pregnancy).

And the other thing that you should know…. If you are a pregnant lady and if you are suffering from any disease or any inconvenient thing, you should have some treatments. We are not telling that you should stop having medicines 100%, but try to avoid all opportunities to be sick. But if you are sick, you should consult a doctor. But, one of main issue in Sri Lankan society is that if any lady will pregnant, she should not have any medicines. It’s not the truth! We have advanced Western Medical Science, so some medicines are found that can’t do any impact to the fertilized eggs.  So, some medicines are really safety even during the pregnancy. But we are advising you, if you are a lady who is getting long term medicines and if you are expecting a baby, you must plan your pregnancy. Then, you will not want to stop your treatments suddenly, and you don’t want to have any risk too.

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