Pregnancy Test

pregnancy test

Are you a lady who expecting a baby? If you have missed the menstrual period, did you do a pregnancy test? In fact, if you suspect that, then you must test it. Today, many ladies are used to have a home pregnancy test, before going to see the doctor. Because today there are various types of home pregnancy kits available at pharmacies and you can buy it without a prescription. Actually they are good in privacy and gives fast results. And it is easy to use also. You can test yourself by using this home pregnancy kits as soon as six days after conception or one day after a missed menstrual period.

But some ladies are no much aware about using this kit properly. Actually it detects the presence of a hormone produced by pregnant women after conception. Therefore, we thought to guide you to use this kit properly. Please note that you should follow the directions carefully. And there are 03 ways to test your urine.

Ways to Test Your Urine at Pregnancy Test

  1. Holding the test’s stick in your urine stream, or
  2. Collecting urine in a cup and then dipping the test’s stick into it, or
  3. Collecting urine in a cup and using a dropper to put urine into another bottle.

Once you follow one of above ways, you have to wait for few minutes. At each pregnancy test stick, the result shows up as a line and a colour. If you are using a digital test kit, then it make the words like “pregnant” or “not pregnant”. And the result is coming as either “positive” or “negative”.

But do you know the meaning of these two results? If your result is “positive”, then it implies that you are pregnant. So you should call your doctor to discuss about what comes next. But keep in mind, due to have some blood or protein is present in your urine, sometimes it gives a false-positive results also. But it is very uncommon. If your result shows as “negative”, that means, you are not pregnant.

Now you may say yourself “how can I trust on this home pregnancy test?”. Generally, 99% of these home tests are accurate. Rarely, some inaccurate results are occurred due to improper usage, use of a product past its expiration date, exposure of the test to sunlight, and the presence of cancer in the user. That’s why I mentioned at above that you should follow the package instructions exactly. So, if you are suspecting about a pregnancy, check it at home before going to a doctor.Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test
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Pregnancy Test
Learn the steps of doing a home pregnancy test and know the meaning of "positive" and "negative" results of pregnancy test.