Do you know about the characteristics of your post-pregnancy?

We know this opportunity is valuable to you as a new mummy or as a pregnant lady. So, while you enjoy your baby’s actions, let’s discuss about “post-pregnancy” situation.

-The estragon and progesterone hormones that has increased during your pregnancy will come down to the normal level within 07 days after your childbirth.

– Your big uterine which has enlarged during your pregnancy will become to the normal level within 2 weeks, after giving the birth to your child. And you can’t identify that even by touching your tummy.

-After giving the birth to your baby, you feel that your vaginal area has a swollen look. Don’t worry; it will be ok after few days.

-You may know that there will have vaginal discharges after giving birth containing blood, mucus, and uterian tissue. Firstly this will come in red colour and then it will turn to yellow or white colour. But it should not have any smell. This is known as lochia. This will be remain for 03 to 06 weeks. But if you will observe that you will have more vaginal discharges with a bad smell and fever, you must consult a doctor as soon as possible.

-You will observe that the area of your nipple will get dark look during your post-pregnancy.

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