Polos Curry

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Polos curry (Sri Lankan Baby Jackfruit Curry), called as “Polos Ambula” locally, is one of delicious dishes in Sri Lanka. Find out the steps of making this spicy dish. This Polos curry is made by using baby jackfruits. As this curry is delighting your taste buds, it’s better to know the way of preparing this Polos Ambula.

If you need to make this Polos curry for 05-06 servings, you have to buy (or find) 01 medium sized Polos.


01 no of baby jackfruit (Polos).

Chili Powder – 02-03 tablespoon.

Turmeric Powder -01 tablespoon.

Raw Curry Powder (Sri Lankan)-02 tablespoon.

Sliced Onion -01 medium sized onion.

Dried red chili -02-03 pieces.

Goraka (Gamboge) -02 pieces.

Cardamoms -02 pieces.

Cloves -02 pieces.

Mustard Seeds -01 tablespoon.

Fenugreek Seeds -01 tablespoon.

Thick Coconut Milk -02-03 cups.

Cooking Oil.

Curry leaves.

Rampe (Pandan leaves).

Sera (piece of lemon grass).

Salt to taste.

How to make Polos Curry

Remember that you can delight this real taste, if you’ll cook this in low flame. Because, it needs few hours (around 05 hours) to cook well and mostly it is cooked in an earthen pot.

Firstly, the spice powders (chili, turmeric powders and raw curry powder) are roasted until it becomes golden brown and keep aside. Then, remove the skin of baby jackfruit (Polos) and cut into medium sized pieces. Then mix that roasted spicy mixture with Polos pieces and keep aside.  Thereafter, put 02-03 tablespoons of oil to a pan and heat it. Once the oil is getting hot, add mustard seeds. Then, once mustard seeds are popping up, add dried chili, onion, garlic, rampe, curry leaves and sera and mix it. Then, add cinnamon, cardamom and cloves also. After few minutes (once the onions are tender), add Polos pieces into the mixture and mix well. Thereafter, add thick coconut milk into this pan and add another cup of water. And you can add goraka and salt as your taste.

Here, if you give high flame, it will cook within 01 hour. But it’s good, if you cook this Polos curry in a slow cooker (05-06 hours). Once that oil is separated in the gravy, your Polos curry is ready to serve. But, you can get the delicious taste, if you leave this curry for few hours before serving. Then, you can adjust the salt and it is ready to serve. Even though, this Polos Curry needs more ingredients, it is one of main Sri Lanka’s dishes that delight your taste buds.