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10 Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners


Amazing Nail Arts

Hey, is there any go-getter lady? Or are you in passion about to be a glamour lady? If so, the Nail art will play a big role in your fashion. Because, today there is a popular trend of designing various arts at the fingertips. Actually it gives beauty beyond the pale. And if you have natural looking nails, then they will be flexible enough to go any nail art. Actually, it is vital to maintain your nails continuously if you want to have ultimate style statements on your fingertips.

Today, there are many art works are creating on the nails. The designers are using various types of nail paints, glitter, nail tattooing, nail stickers and even nail piercing. Earlier, women were conscious only about the dress, shoes, hair dress and make ups. But today, majority of our ladies are worrying about the most suitable nail art for their outfits. Actually, it gives a stunning look to a woman, as other fascinating accessories and style do.

Nail Art – More

Sometimes, you may think that you are not expert in doing such a design. But actually, what all you are required is two or more shades of nail colors and some creative ideas. Therefore, are you ready to express your mood by your nail language – touch of color, polish and shine? But there are some tips that you should keep in mind while doing nail arts.

  1. Use Vaseline (jelly) or white craft glue for lining your nails – It will help you to have an easy cleanup. If you will have any polish mistakes while applying nail polish, then you can wipe off easily.
  2. Apply two basecoat layers in order to prevent the tips of your painted nails from chipping – You can apply one basecoat on the top half of your nail and the other coat over the entire nail.
  3. Use white nail polish as the basecoat in order to make your nail art color pop.
  4. If you think that you can’t do the nail art design straightly to the nails properly, then you have to move the other option. You can paint the designs on a plastic sandwich bag first. After that, you can peel them off and seal them on your nails. For that you can use nail art glue or a clear topcoat.

Therefore, find the Beautiful and creative Nail Art designs for different types of nails – for long nails, short nail ideas, and medium nail design. Be innovative with these cool nail art inspirations.