Mal – Beauty Tips from Roses

We know that girls love mal so much…. And they are talented to make various creations by using various mal (flowers). In Sri Lanka, we can find various beautiful flowers in the hill country. Earlier we have shared some of popular florists who are providing creative flower decorations also. But today, we are not talking about flower creations. We’d like to share some of beauty tips that you can get from “Rosa Mal” (Roses). Not only Roses, but there are many other flowers that you can find various natural beauty tips. However, today, we’ll see some of beauty tips from this beautiful mall called Roses…

Beauty Benefits of Rosa Mal

1. Rose essential oil is a natural antibacterial thing for your skin – It treats to your acne and acne-prone skin. And do you know that Rosa Mal (roses) have cleansing properties? So it makes ideal ingredients in face washes too.

2. Roses gives antioxidants to your body – Actually it’s a powerful antioxidant due to it is rich with Vitamin C. Therefore it helps to protect your skin cells form damage and it is said that rose water helps to prevent sunburn.

3. Moisturize your body – Do you know the natural oils found in roses, help to have moisture into the skin? Make your skin smooth? YES, it does. Actually Rosa Mal (Roses) is good for those with sensitive skin.

4. Gives good fragrant – Every girl likes to have a good fragrant from her. Rose has its own natural fragrant. This gentle aroma is in lieu of artificial fragrances.

5. Roses give relaxing to your mind – Do you know that roses can calm and soothe your mind, when you use it aromatically? Yes, it does. And most of Ayurvedic medicine also uses the rose petals to detoxify and calm. Calm and soothe mind is one key element to have a beautiful body.

6. Good “Tone” to your skin – Roses help tighten pores and restore suppleness for a glowy complexion.

See how the roses help to enhance your beauty. As Roses, there are many flowers that help to improve your beauty. We’ll discuss about those flowers in future.


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Find the natural beauty tips from roses, which is one of girls' favourite flowers - mal and experience the natural beauty in your body and mind.