Make up | How well do you know your make up brushes?

Makeup-Brushes Makeup-Brushes

We guess most of you like to do make ups, but if you will not put a perfect and well-matched make ups, you’ll not be able to have a beauty. Perfect make ups depend on the appropriate color combination as well as using appropriate brushes. And it can be risky, going into a beauty store and trying to buy the right make up brushes. Most of ladies don’t have sound understand about the make up brushes selection. Do you know there are assorted brushes for your face, eyes and even eye brows?  So, we thought that we will explain what each brush (makeup brushes) is meant for your face, eyes and eye brows.

Find the below make up brushes and its tasks

A stippling brush is the brush that can give your skin “airbrushed” or the flawless sprayed-on look.

A fan brush is the brush that takes care of your excess eyeshadow. It works like a “cleaner” since it sweeps away fall-outs.

Shading brush creates your coveted eye contours and defines your crease.

And you can apply a gel liner better with an angled brush. An angled brush is all you need for the perfect cateye.

Contour brush helps you to enhance your cheekbones and also it helps to hide your double chin too.

An eye stippling/blending brush blends your eye makeup beautifully. It helps to erase the color lines also.

Hope, you will have an idea about choosing make up brushes. And knowing about these tools helps you to save money also. Because if you will buy the wrong tool (brush), it means you are wasting money. So now, it is easy! We’re giving various beauty tips that will help you to understand the beauty world properly, update your knowledge about the latest beauty tips as well as it will help you to do the correct spending on your beauty. Stay with us….

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