Long-term Mental Stress…


Mental stress can be occurred to any one of us. But some people has a great effect of this mental stress. The people who has this long-term stress, has the possibilities to have heart attacks also, because they are always suffering from mental stress. There are some external characteristics can be seen in a stressed person.

-They are turbulent

-They don’t have much patient

– Feeling anxious

-Walk fast

Some of other characteristics of mental stress

-Always feel sad

-Always have disappointment feelings

-Waking up at mid night or can’t sleep after 2.00 – 3.00 am


Long-term Mental Stress can be led to Several Diseases

-Blood pressure will be increased

-Speed of heart beat will be increased

-More adrenaline hormones will be produced (It effects to have some damages in cells of blood veins)

-Cholesterol in blood will be increased and it leads to increase the glucose in blood and then it turns to blood sugar.

-Regular headache

– The risk of having blood petrifaction will be increased due to the cohesion of blood platelets.

The best medicine for this mental stress is to self-analysing of your mind. And when you will have any pain, pressure or unrest, you should find the solutions, not to worrying about the situation. But if you will suffer from stress in long-term, you should consult a doctor. When you will have no any other option, that’s the time you have to consult a doctor, but try to keep your mind freely and clearly always!

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