Long Black Wavy Hairstyles



As girls, all of you love enhance your beauty or shine your look. So, you may test various beauty tips and treatments and fashion also. Among them, hairstyles also play a big role, isn’t it? Do you know your hair is your richest ornament that you can make it beautiful, gleaming, steaming and flaxen…to be adored? Therefore, today we thought to share a one of simple, but useful hairstyles that you can try. There are various hairstyles that we can discover and experience in hairstyles and cuts’ world. For today, let’s look into the “Long Black Wavy Hairstyles”.

Remember, this Long Black Wavy Hairstyles will be suit for the girls who have straight long hair. As we know some girls who have straight hair types, love to have wavy hairstyles during their special occasions. Some are worrying about their hair type also. Hey girls, now you have a wavy fashion to try.

Steps of Long Black Wavy Hairstyles

Step 01: Make your hair wet and apply a styling cream on it and blow dry.

Step 02: After that, set your hair in pin curls and bangs in a velco roller.

Step 03: Now you should divide your hair into 03 sections, and tease and add hair extension to each teased section.

Step 04: When you clipped on the hair extension, repeat the process to each section. (3 strips of extension clips can be added to create volume and length)

Step 05: Then set your hair with a light hold hair spray.

Step 06: After that, you should brush hair half way down from crown smoothing out the curls.

Step 07: Then braid side of hair and, to secure the hair, use some bobby pins.

Step 08: Finally, you can apply a styling cream to lock in curls.

See, it’s one of simple hairstyles! If you have a straight long hair, just try this hairstyle and make a new look at your especial events.


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