06 Ways to Keep Your Breasts Healthy


All of us know, there are many women suffer from breast cancers or diseases related to breasts. So, even you don’t suffer with any such a disease, it’s better if you will care of your breasts. Because, it is said that if cancer does strikes, it can be more aggressive. So, we thought to share with you some ways to keep your breasts healthy. Mainly, a healthy lifestyle can help protect your breasts. And as ladies, you know the healthy breasts add value to your beauty also. So, let’s see how to keep your breasts healthy…

  1. You should stay at a healthy weight

Do you know that being heavy can increase your risk of developing the disease in your breasts? So try to stay at a healthy weight.

  1. Break a sweat

Try to do exercise around 45 minutes, 5 days a week. By boosting immune function, warding off obesity and lowering levels of estrogen, the regular fitness workouts may help prevent the disease. And it will help to keep your breasts healthy.

  1. If you’re drinking alcohol, try to stop or reduce that.

The research has founf that two drinks of alcohol a day could increase breast cancer risk by 21 percent. If you can’t stip alcohol totally, try to swap wine for fresh grapes, instead of alcohol.

  1. Add more veggies to your meal

Do you know that low-fat diet can do a lot to reduce your risk? Yes, it does. And some cruciferous veegtables like broccoli gives more protection and help to prevent cancer cells from multiplying.

  1. Check your family history regarding health

It is said that about 15% of breast cancer cases have family history of disease. So, check your family history whether some one had breast cancer or not.

  1. Get checked time to time

Due to the possibility of having breast cancers is increased nowadays, it’s better if you will have have a clinical breast exam at least every three years and annual exams and mammograms starting at age 40.

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