Jewellery Shops in Sri Lanka

We know that ladies love to wear fashionable and fine jewellery to make them more beautiful and cozy look. Are you looking for new jewellery designs for your special days and for your outfits? Or are you a lady who searching designs and ways of making your own jewellery? If so, this information about jewellery shops in Sri Lanka will help you to find a best place.

When you’ll have the especial occasion, you like to select elegant look earrings, don’ you? Or you like to have instant shine on your hand with bracelets, aren’t you? We know that ladies love to be the attractive lady among other women. For that necklace stamp their personality. And delicate beautiful ring adorn the ladies’ fingers also. Therefore, find these popular jewellery shops in Sri Lanka to find out the latest jewellery collection which makes you perfectly stylish, beautiful and feeling cozy. And the collections at these jewellery shops in Sri Lanka will give your look an easy refresh and give you a personalized perfect finishing touch to your beauty.

Find the Jewellery Shops in Sri Lanka


Name of Jewellery ShopAddressContact Number
Abdeen Jewellers1-35A 1ST Floor, Liberty Plaza, Colombo 32573416
Ambiga Jewellers77 Sea Street, Colombo 112422839
Anitha Jewellers475 Maradana Road, Colombo 102694209
Ameer Gems & Jewellery38 Level 4, World Trade Center, Colombo 15664057
Bella15 H. Sri Nishsanka Mawatha, Colombo 62553311
Blue Moon2-53 2nd Floor, Majestic City, Colombo 44514207
Bobby Jewellers159 Sea Street, Colombo 112449682
CareemsLevel 3, West Tower, World Trade Center, Colombo 12336998
Chamathka Jewellers3-39 3rd Floor, Majestic City, Colombo 44897366
Colombo Jewellers177/6 Sea Street, Colombo 110777 100011
Crest InternationalG-11 Ground Floor, Liberty Plaza, Colombo 32375926
Crown Jewels76 Sea Street, Colombo 112337545
Devi Jewellers131 Sea Street, Colombo 112432502
Ganesha Jewellers38A D. S. Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 82694928
Gowri Jewellers82 Sea Street, Colombo 112329363
Hemachandra Brothers4 York Street, Colombo 12421921
Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers40 Level 4, World Trade Center, Colombo 12394793
New Champa Gold House4S Sea Street, Colombo 112449393
New Rathna Mahal291 Galle Road, Colombo 67431881
Raja JewellersRaja Building, 173 Galle Road, Colombo 42583223
Rathna Mahal97 Sea Street, Colombo 112431357
Stone ‘N’ StringL-14 1st Floor, Crescat Boulevard, Colombo 32392230
Swarnaa Gold House144 Galle Road, Colombo 62501789
Swarnamahal Jewellers676 Galle Road, Colombo 32590165
The Modern Jewellery85/1/24 Sea Street, Colombo 112445026
Vogue Jewellers528 Galle Road, Colombo 35414414
Wellawatte Nithyakalyani Jewellery541 Galle Road, Colombo 62363392
Wijaya Gems & Jewellery Collection34 Level 4, World Trade Center, Colombo 15358003


Check out these jewellery shops in Sri Lanka to get the perfect and favourite jewellery to wear with pride and embellish your look. And find how to punctuate your look and scream your style with beautiful jewellery designs by these jewellery shops in Sri Lanka.


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