Health tips | Popular Medicines for Enhancing Memory

All of us know that there is a huge competition in Education. Our school children have become as machines. And the syllabus in school is also complex.  School children carry heavy school bags. When we see them, we feel “did we go school like this?” There are lot of things to memorize for school children, today. So, let’s look at some Sinhala Popular Medicines for Enhancing Memory- health tips …..

– Take same amount of Lily yams, “roots of lunuwila”, yellow myrobalan, “rathsunu” and orris and make it as a powder. Then grind it by putting honey. Eat 01 teaspoon of this mixture per your meal.

– Drink “Mukunuwanna congee” regularly.

– Get 02 tablespoons of extracted Gotukola juice (without mixing water) and add 01 teaspoon of ghee and drink it before you will have any meal.

These Medicines for Enhancing Memory, help to anyone in order to enhance their memory – health tips.

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