Health Tips from Wood Apple

Health Benefits of Wood Apple

Wood apple – it is one of favourite fruits/drinks of some of us, don’t you? As Sri Lankans, we can easily find wood apple. But do you know this wood apple has many health tips? And it is one of good beauty tips for you. Wood apple is rich in natural acids, such as oxalic, tannic and malic citric acid. It is a source of calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins A, B and C. We know as beauty, health is also important thing to us.So find these health tips of wood apple.

See the health benefits of Wood Apple

  1. Good Remedy for Digestion – It helps to destroy worms in the intestine and good for digestive disorders, in order to have health body system. So it’s one of good health tips.
  2. Good Blood Cleanser – You can purify your blood and remove the toxins that can cause extensive damage to the body by even little as 50 mg of wood apple juice mixed with warm water and sugar. It’s also one of good health tips!
  3. A Relief from Respiratory Problems – Leaves of wood apple tree help people avoid chronic or recurring colds and related respiratory conditions.
  4. Energy Booster – Wood apple is one of good energy booster as 100g of wood apple provides 140 calories. And it boosts organ activity and metabolic speed. And the high protein content also means that the body can heal faster and the muscles can grow stronger, further boosting energy reserves. That’s one of good health tips that you can get from wood apple!
  5. Good Diet for Kidney Conditions – For the people with kidney complaints, it is recommended to consume wood apple in regular basis.
  6. Good for Liver Health – Wood apple cure the liver problems, because it contains thiamine and riboflavin. Both of them are known as liver health boosters.
  7. Cure Snakebites – According to the Ayurvedic treatments, wood apple can be used to cure snakebites.
  8. Good for Cholesterol Controlling – Wood apple juice helps in cholesterol control and also reduces blood cholesterol levels.
  9. Good for fairness skin – Due to have Vitamin A, B and C, wood apple helps to have a fair skin.

See, how many health tips are given by wood apple! Therefore, add wood apple into your diet and have a healthy body. If your body is health, then it will reflects from your beauty also.

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