Hairstyles |Waterfall Twist Rope Braid

Most of girls like to try new hairstyles. Hairstyles is one of main icon that any lady can show off her beauty. But as wise lady, you should understand and know to select the suitable hairstyles for your hair. Today, we’ll tell you one of hairstyles that can be tried for long straight hair. This hairstyle is known as Waterfall Twist Rope Braid. Find below steps.

Steps of Waterfall Twist Rope Braid Hairstyles

Step 01: Part your hair from the left side (02 parts).
Step 02: Go to the heavy side. And pick up a section in front. And divide that section into two pieces. After that, get the bottom piece and cross it over the top piece.
Step 03: While you hold that two pieces, take another some hair piece from the top and put it in the middle of previous 2 hair pieces and twist the hair again.
Step 04: Continue this “Step 03” for 6-7 times in order to show that hair pieces like a waterfall.
Step 05: Once you repeat it for 6-7 times, twist that hair pieces for 2-3 times and tie it by an elastic or hair pin to secure.
Step 06: Except that twisted piece, get all rest hair pieces into one side over a shoulder.
Step 07: And divide that hair into two pieces and add that twisted piece into one of these two parts.
Step 08: Then twist both rope pieces separately (twist for the right side).
Step 09: Now twist these both twisted pieces together (twist for the left side). This is the twist rope.
Step 10: At the end of this rope twist, secure it with elastic.
Step 11: If you want to have a soft look, you can loose the top.
If you want to get the steps more clear, you can watch the above video. Try this beautiful Waterfall Twist Rope Braid Hairstyle and give a new look to yourself.

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