Hair Care Tips in Summer

Hair Care Tips in Summer

If you’re a beauty conscious lady, then you have to protect your hair from sun rays especially in the summer time. Because, as Asians, we’re getting deep sun rays and they have a harsh effect against hair as much as they have against skin. Unlike throughout the year, this summer time is the main duration to take more care of your hair. Therefore, we thought to share some essential hair care tips in summer with you.

Do you know that excess heat from the sun takes away the moisture from the hair strands and also damages the protein in the hair? If you’ll take good care of your hair, then you can easily avoid the harmful effects of the UV rays and excess heat on the hair. Therefore, find the easy Hair Care Tips in Summer in order to protect your hair from sun rays and excess heat.

Hair Care Tips in Summer – More

As mentioned above, let’s see what are the Hair Care Tips in Summer.

  1. Don’t forget to use a deep conditioner in the summer time.

Actually in this time period, you must restore the damaged hair and keeps the hair hydrated. For that, you have to use a intense damage repair conditioner or a deep conditioning hair masks.

  1. While you are outdoors in the summer time, try to wear a scarf as much as possible.

By this tip, you can protect your hair and scalp from UV rays and you can retain moisture in the hair strands. Actually this is not most practising thing in Sri Lanka. But if you’ll follow, you can protect your hair. But please note that you should tie up your hair into a bun and wrap a scarf around your hair.

  1. Add more Omega-3 fatty acids’ foods in to your meals.

Salmon, spinach, and omega-3 rich eggs are some of them. They can keep your hair strong and looking healthy and shiny. In addition to this, you should have adequate quantities of water, fresh juices and fresh salads to keep the hair moisturized.

  1. Try to avoid hair spray using in the summer.
  2. You should trim your hair ends. Unlike other time periods, your hair grows faster in the summer. So, it is better to cut off the split ends and refresh your hair when you’ll start the summer.

If you’ll follow the above Hair Care Tips in Summer, you can easily protect your hair from sun rays and improve your beauty.