Formal Event Black & White Nail Art Design

We know today most of you are willing to do nail art design. Especially, when you have to attend for any formal occasions, don’t you want to show off your beauty? And do you know that nail art design is playing a main role for enhancing your beauty and fashion? Therefore, today we thought to share a nail art design which can be designed for your formal events. Find these steps… It’s very simple.
STEP 1: Apply a base-coat to protect your nails and create a surface that nail polish bonds to
STEP 2: Once you apply the base-coat, then first thing that you should do is V-shaped French manicure with black colour.
STEP 03: Apply a beautiful glitter polish over this black coat area.
STEP 04: After that, you should design 3 white stripes by a white nail polish.
STEP 05: Then, by using a brush (as video is showing), design a flower (Each nail has one flower) and dots (dots are along the side ways).
STEP 06: Apply a topcoat on the flower.
STEP 07: Get a 02 mm sized rhinestone in a lime green colour and fixed it in the middle of the flower.
If you’ll wear a black or black and white dress, we hope this nail art design will be well matched with that. Enjoy your especial events with designing this simple nail art.

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