Choosing Your Wedding Theme Colours

When you think about colours for your wedding, you may want some guidelines. Wedding day means the most special and big day in your life. So, you have to select the unique palette as your wedding theme colours that will bring together your choice of flowers, bridesmaids’ dresses and table linens.  You may plan your wedding nowadays. And if you haven’t yet finalized your choice of wedding theme colours, the key is to choose just one colour to begin with. Once you have selected the first colour choice, continue on to build your dreamed wedding palette. For that you need some tools…

-A sample of your first wedding theme colours choice

Your first wedding theme colour choice should be a best representation of yours. This choice could be a fabric swatch that you picked up, a inspired magazine clipping or any other.

-Online colour palette tool for choosing wedding theme colours

To find an array of free tools to get you started, you can search Google for having a good colour palette. is one of popular websites to select a best colour palette. Once you select a colour by that (click on a colour), then you will see a page that contain a collection of user-submitted palettes (containing that colour) and you will see that other viewers have voted on also. In addition to that, you can create your own palette from scratch by clicking on the “create” button. For creating a new palette, you can use a colour or even a photo that you love. And remember, for using this feature, you should create your own free account on this site.

After you will find a good colour palette, you can move onto the pattern creator tool. Click on “create pattern”. At there, you can select all sorts of patterns made up of your wedding theme colours by choosing anything from retro to Whimsical under “browse pattern styles”. This will help you to have a good start of sparking your invitation design and other things at your wedding.

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