Blue Ombre Lace Stamped Nail Art Design

Do you like to be a glamour girl? If so, it’s time to go beyond the pale of your fingers…We know that there are various latest fashion and inspired nail art design for your fingertips coming every day. Perfect, natural-looking nails are flexible enough to go anywhere or vivid bold nails for the ultimate style statement also. So today, we thought to share with you another beautiful as well as charm nail art design called “Blue Ombre Lace stamped Nail Art Design”.

Let’s see what are the steps of this beautiful nail art design

STEP 1: Apply a base-coat to protect your nails and create a surface that nail polish bonds to
STEP 2: You should choose 5 shades of Blue that match each other. And paint 2 coats of each finger, (one colour per finger). Let it dry for 5 minutes.
STEP 03: After that, you can stamp a skinny strip and roll onto edge of nail by using a plate with a full finger design. And leave it to dry.
STEP 04: Apply a topcoat to seal in your design and give it a high gloss shine.

Tips: Actually stamping is complicated thing. So you should practice on old manicures before you take them off. And when you will select 5 shades of Blue, make sure to match those shades to your skin colour also, because sometimes some blue shades are not complement with the dark coloured skin.

See, how easily you can do this nail art design! If you’ll wear a blue or blue and white dress/a top and a skirt or trouser, we hope this nail art design will be well matched with that. And if you are a busy lady, we hope this design can be done even in midst of your busy schedules. Enjoy your days with designing this simple nail art and be a glamour girl among other ladies.

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