Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

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Due to the two monsoons, the climate of Sri Lanka is surprisingly complex. But before arriving to Sri Lanka, it is vital to know the best time to visit Sri Lanka. When you will look into the weather in this beautiful country, the tropical climate shows little seasonal variation in temperature. And the temperatures float between 26 °C and 28 °C around the coasts of Sri Lanka. And the seasons are slightly complicated by having two monsoons; southwest and northeast monsoons. If you want to know the best time to visit Sri Lanka, especially the southern and western coastal areas, keep in mind that there is Southwest monsoon from May to September.

And we know that Trincomalee coastal area is getting popular among tourists. But the northeast monsoon affects to the north and east including the main east-coast port of Trincomalee between the months of November and February. And there is another tip to plan the best time to visit Sri Lanka is checking the festival time periods there. If you will plan your tour in Sri Lanka at the festival dates, then you will have the perfect opportunity to truly experience Sri Lankan culture also.

Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka – More

As you know there are some significant cities and areas in Sri Lanka to travel and to see and do many things. Therefore, it’s better to know the climate and best time to visit Sri Lanka (especially those areas). If you’re planning to visit Colombo or Galle area, these information will be useful. The temperatures are fairly constant with a year-round average high of around 30°C  and an average low around 22°C. And throughout the year, its’ humidity ranges are from 70% to 80%. From December to March, there are some rainy days, but most of the year these areas are warm.

Kandy is one of popular tourism city in Sri Lanka and it is cooler than many places in this country due to its elevation at 500m (1700 feet). Its’ daytime temperatures usually reach around 19°C. From January to April is the best time to visit Sri Lanka, there (Kandy). And there is a popular festival called Esala Perahera held in Kandy in July or August. Therefore, it is also one of best time to visit Kandy.

Nuwara Eliya is the other most popular place in Sri Lanka. It has a more moderate climate than the tropical coast. Though it gets quite cool at night during the months from December to February, the daytime temperatures remain pleasant year-round with the average high temperature around 20°C. The heaviest downpours of rain in Nuwara Eliya is from October to November. There is a popular carnival called Wasantha Senakeliya, held in Nuwara Eliya in or after April month. Therefore, before you plan to visit there, it’s better to check these tips. Therefore, find the best time to visit Sri Lanka before planning the tour in Sri Lanka. Especially the rainy seasons in coastal areas, Kandy and Nuwara Eliya.