Beauty Tips – Get Rid from Oil Skin and Have a Fairness Look

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Do you know the secret of a beautiful body is the fairness skin? Even though a lady has a well-shaped body or beautiful hair, if her skin is not healthy and fair, her true beauty will not come out. So, let’s see some beauty tips for how you can overcome from a discoloured skin or oil skin which was occurred because of sun rays and too much oily foods taken.

Internal Skin Treatments (Beauty Tips for Internal Skin)

Take diet meals regularly. Have fresh vegetables and fruits. Drink 7-8 glasses of water daily.

Ways to control the oil skin (beauty tips) ….

Add 7-8 lemon juice drops for a clean water cup and wash your face, hands and legs daily. If you will continue it few weeks, the oily look of your skin will go.

Twice a week, add some turmeric to rice flour and apply that mixture in your face, neck, hands and legs. After some minutes, wash it.

Make a mixture from Aloe Vera and cucumber juice and apply it on your skin and massage it gently.

Add white sandalwood into rose water and apply it on your face.

To recover your burnt skin from sun rays….

Aloe Vera is one of best “after sun treatments”… If you are exposing to sun rays, then you can get a good treatment from Aloe Vera. You can cut the Aloe Vera leave and can get the juice inside. Apply it on your face, hands and legs and leave it for about 20 minutes.

If you will try these methods and treatments, definitely you can get rid from oil skin, this is one of best beauty tips!

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