Avocado Beauty Tips


Do you like to taste the delicious avocados? Actually, it’s not only giving a good taste, but it provides many nutritious. It is said that avocado contains in excess of 25 essential nutrients, including vitamin A, B, C, E, & K, copper, iron, phosporus, magnesium, and potassium. Avocados also contain fiber, protein, and several beneficial phytochemicals such as beta-sitosterol, glutathione and lutein, which may protect against various disease and illness. However, these avocados are much more than just a healthy eating choice. It gives many beauty tips also.
So, today let’s see what kind of beauty tips that you can take from avocados. And the other good thing is that all the following beauty tips are with natural recipes for restorative skin and hair treatments.

Beauty Tips from Avocados:

01. You can use avocado as a facial cleanser.
Take a small mixing bowl and add 1 beaten egg yolk, ½ cup milk and ½ peeled avocado. Then beat the mixture with a fork, until you will get it as thin and creamy. Then, apply it in your face by using cotton swabs with gentle circular motions. After some minutes, you can rinse it with warm water.

02. Avocado beauty tips for dry, wrinkled skin – Facial Mask
Take a small mixing bowl and add ¼ cup honey and ½ avocado. Then you should blend into a creamy mixture. After that, apply this mixture in your face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it with warm water.

03. Avocado for silky and shiny hair treatment
Take a small bowl and put 1 avocado (if your hair is short, then you can get less than 1 full avocado), add 1 egg yolk and ½ tsp of olive oil. Then, mix it well and apply it to your hair. Then, leave it at least 30 minutes. Then rinse it with shampoo and condition.

04. Avocado Beauty Tips as Facial Moisturizer
Here, you have to use the skin of avocado. Don’t discard the skin after peeling an avocado. Take 01 avocado skin and gently stroke your clean face in upward motions using the inside of the peel of this avocado skin. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it. This Avocado skin acts as humectant and oil-rich moisturiser.

05. Avocado as soft skin body cream
You need only 1 tsp of lemon juice and 1 avocado. Then, beat that fresh lemon juice into the mashed flesh of avocado. In a dry bathtub or shower, slather the mixture over your entire body and leave it for 20 minutes. Finally, rinse it with warm water.

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