Sometimes, we got news that many new born babies are suffering with many diseases and mal nutritious matters due to lack of breastfeeding or due to not following accurate instructions in breastfeeding. Therefore, we’re going to share some of basic things that a breastfeeding Amma should know.
Actually these things are so important, if you are a new mother.

Find the basic things that a Breastfeeding Amma should know

01. Once a pregnant Amma gives her baby birth, she should start breastfeeding as soon as possible. (Normally within 30mins or 1 hour, she should start this)

02. Colostrum is the first milk your breasts produce during pregnancy and it is the most important part of your milk that every Amma should feed her baby. It gives full of antibodies and immunoglobulin.

03. It is said that every Amma should give only her breast milk for her baby, until the baby will complete 06 months. During these 06 months, you should not give any other food or liquid.

04. Some of new mothers are thinking that her body should produce big amount of milk. Don’t expect a waterfall: Small amounts of nutrient-rich colostrum are all your nursing baby gets at first. Don’t worry, it’s enough for your baby.

05. Some are thinking that a small amount of milk is not enough and are trying to give other milk powders. Please, try to avoid all these things. Your breast milk is enough until your baby will complete 06 months.

06. There are many benefits you can gain, if you feed breast milk to your baby. They are:
– Breast milk is the most nutritious food that you can give ever.
– It gives a full of antibodies to your baby.
– It makes a good relationship between Amma & Daruwa.
-It makes your lifestyle convenient. You can feed your baby at anywhere.
-It saves your unnecessary expenses.
-It eliminates the Constipation problems of your baby.

07. If your new born baby will sleep after 3-4 minutes he/she started drinking your milk, you should not let her/him to sleep. Wake up your baby. Do you know, when your baby starting to drink your breast milk, firstly he/she gets “lactose (water)”, then your baby will gain “Protein”. And for growing your baby, he/she needs “fat”. That “Fat” is contained in your last part of one breast feeding session. So, don’t allow your baby to sleep after 3-4 minutes once he/she started to suck your breast milk. Your baby should get that last part – Fat for his/her growth.

These are the few basic things that every new Amma should know about breastfeeding. So, don’t devalue the “breastfeeding” and don’t try to go for milk powders for your new born baby. Some of other key things in breast feeding will discuss later…..


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Find some of basic things that every new breast feeding mother amma should know. And identify the value of giving breastfeeding.