• Birthday Wishes - yeheliya.lk

    Birthday Wishes

    When we hear “Happy Birthday to you…”, what kind of pleasant feeling that we have, don’t you? Similarly, our dearests and friends love to celebrate their More..
  • Sinhala Jokes - yeheliya.lk

    Sinhala Jokes

    Who wants to laugh and stay in stress free? I guess all of you want. Because all of us spending the busy life schedules throughout the day. So we like to read some funny More..
  • Gold Price Sri Lanka

    Gold Price Sri Lanka

    When a lady wears a jewellery, she will look good and it is its own reward. Not only that, but there are also other benefits to donning that beautiful jewellery. In Sri More..
  • sinhala tele drama

    Sinhala Tele Drama

    Adaraya Gindarak Salsapuna Medi Sina Yal Devi The Sinhala Tele Drama came a long way with the development of the technology. Do you know this all began in the 1970s? It was More..
  • government jobs

    Government Jobs

    There are many Sri Lankans still crave to get into government jobs. They do it while some people love to the swanky workplaces at the private sector. Each year, many More..


  • HIV
    Even in Sri Lanka, today, HIV is a common thing that all of us have heard. But it was unlike in past decades. We heard this from western countries mostly. Sad to say, it is More..
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  • Dengue Fever


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