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Yeheliya covers the beauty tips and guidelines, latest fashion tips for Sri Lankan girls, make-up tips, nail arts tips and so on. Yeheliya gives wide range of tips and recommendations to maintain and take care of the ladies’ beauty. Under Health category, Yeheliya provides various tips and methods to get rid of your health problems. “Wedding” also presents the trendy tips and guidelines, the essential things that all Sri Lankan girls dream to have in her wedding day - wedding dress, brides maids dresses, flower girl dresses , flower bouquets, decoration , cakes & invitation cards. And also Yeheliya talks about the main problems that our pregnant ladies are facing. Not only that, but we are talking about how to have a happy family life also. And if you want to know some cookery recipes, you can view our "Home Cooking" category. And you can find the beautiful Sinhala Nisadas and Sinhala Baby Names from Yeheliya. All in all, Yeheliya has a purpose and a place within Sri Lankan girls closet and ladies’ lives which easily helps them to be more beauty and make a decision about their fashions to be a stunning, & polished look lady among other ladies.

ඉදිරියේ නිකුත් කරන ලිපි ලබා ගන්න එන්න අප හා එක් වන්න

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