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    Benefits of Drinking Water

    Drinking Water…. is it essential? If you have a vehicle, have you ever try to run it without gasoline and lubricants? Likewise, our body is designed to function on More..

    Lassana Gedara

    Having a “Lassana Gedara” is one of dreams of many housewives. As ladies, you may get many efforts to keep your house beautiful. You may use many trendy furniture and More..


    It’s true that we came from Amma’s womb, but as our Amma (mother), thaththa (father) is also playing a bigger role to care about us and our families. But we are getting More..

How to Grow Hair Faster

Most of our ladies are worrying about their hair, some are thinking about how to grow hair faster… If your hair looks greasy, dull, or messy, all your trendy clothing, More..



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